Wire feeders

Having the right wire feeder for the job can play an important role in reducing unnecessary downtime for addressing issues associated with poor wire feeding. 

Portable Feeders

Portable or “suitcase-style” wire feeders are designed for operators in rugged conditions who need a feeder that will stand up to the elements and get in and out of tight spaces. To that end, suitcase feeders feature crush-proof, flame retardant cases that protect internal components from dirt, moisture and contaminants.

Industrial Bench Feeders

These heavy duty wire feeders are equipped with the Miller unique 4-wheel drive mechanism ensuring superior wire feeding in the most demanding applications.

Special Applications & Automation Feeders

These feeders are bespoke to the Continuum or PipeWorx power sources and include advanced application process settings.

Drive Rolls

The Miller® drive rolls always ensure trouble free wire feeding.