Multi-process welders make it easy for welding operators to tackle a variety of fabrication or construction jobs and projects on the jobsite, in the shop or in the field without switching power sources – saving you time and money. These welders are capable of performing MIG, Stick, TIG, and Flux-Cored welding processes. Find the one that’s right for your application.


For construction and fabrication, provides portability, versatility and excellent arc performance. Select between 350 and 450 amps models:
  • CC/CV for simplicity and flexibility
  • MPa for built-in pulsed MIG capabilities
  • FieldPro™ with ArcReach® Technology
  • FieldPro™ Polarity Reversing with ArcReach® Technology

For heavy fabrication and manufacturing, withstands harsh conditions and offers 100% duty cycle.

Simplicity-driven performance for your pipe shop and onsite pipe welding operations.
Dynasty multiprocess

Industrial class AC/DC output where portability and multi-material capabilities are paramount.

Portable pulsed multiprocess solution.