ProHeat™ 35 Liquid-Cooled Rolling Inductor


Powering a heating revolution - for preheat of moving parts up to 315 degrees Celsius (600°F).

  • ProHeat 35 with Rolling Inductor
  • ProHeat_35_Rolling_Induction_System


Optimal consistency and quality

• The rolling induction system eliminates the inconsistencies and quality issues associated with open-flame-torch heating methods
• Temperature measurement allows operators to set and achieve targeted preheat temperatures easily with limited button pushing
• The travel detect system prevents hot spots by controlling output based on travel speeds and turning output off if the part is not moving

Improved safety

• Eliminates open flames, reducing burn as well as fumes and explosive gas hazards
• Direct heat transfer results in cooler shop environment that reduces operator fatigue and improves work conditions

Maximum productivity

• Quick time to temperature increases production efficiencies while reducing consumable costs and labor expenses
• Heating while rolling the pipe assembly allows for continuous fabrication
• Compact and portable to configure around various pipe sizes throughout the fabrication shop




General specification
Title ProHeat™ 35 Rolling Induction System
Industries Interests
Material Thickness
Weldable Metals Controlled pre/post heat on pipes and flat objects.
Process piping,
Pressure vessels,
Power piping,
Input Voltage 400–460 V / 460–575 V
Input Phase 3-phase
Input Hz 50/60 Hz / 60 Hz
Amperage Range 400 V: 60 amps
460 V: 50 amps
575 V: 40 amps
Current Type
Rated Output One rolling inductor: 20 kW at 100% duty cycle
Two rolling inductors: 35 kW at 100% duty cycle
Maximum Preheat Temperature 315°C (600°F)
Max Open Circuit Voltage
Weld Output
Net Width 552 mm (21.75 in.)
Net Height 699 mm (27.5 in.)
Net Length 933 mm (36.75 in.)
Net Weight Net: 103 kg (227 lb.) Ship: 120 kg (265 lb.)
Warranty 1 Year
Miller’s True Blue Warranty


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