MIG Guns

Configurable, easy to maintain semi-automatic MIG guns – featuring the latest in gun consumables technology – perform reliably in demanding, industrial welding applications. This means more uptime, less scrap, fewer errors and less troubleshooting for your welding team. See also our brochure on MIG guns and accessories: Miller® EuroGun brochure.

Water cooled

A water-cooled MIG welding system pumps a cooling solution from a radiator unit, usually integrated inside or near the power source, through cooling hoses inside the power cable and into the gun handle, neck and consumables. 

Air cooled

An air-cooled MIG welding system relies solely on the ambient air and shielding gas to dissipate heat that builds up along the length of the welding circuit. Air-cooled systems use much thicker copper cabling than water-cooled systems, which allows the cable to transfer the electricity to the gun without building up excessive heat from electrical resistance. 


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