All-aluminum construction

helps the machine resist corrosion for long life.

Exclusive protection

input inductor protects machine’s performance and reliability from “dirty” input power.

Wind Tunnel Technology.™

Internal air flow that protects electrical components and PC boards from dirt, dust, debris.


operates only when needed reducing noise, power consumption, and the amount of airborne contaminants pulled through the machine.

High electrical efficiency and excellent power factor

mean that you can get more welding done using less power.

Digital meters

with SunVision™ technology enable welding parameters to be viewed with greater clarity than analog meters — at virtually any angle. Meters can be seen clearly even in direct sunlight.

Reduced size and weight

Weighing in at 71.7 kg (158 lb.), the Dimension 650 is 3.5 times lighter than the Dimension 652, making it easier to move around the shop, jobsite, or shipyard. Requires 40-percent less floor space.

High-quality performance

from powerintensive to precise. Knowing quality welds begin with a quality arc, we’ve significantly improved the performance in all welding processes and made it easy to fine tune the arc.

Gouging mode provides

800 amps of usable power, a full 650 amps of power at 100-percent duty cycle. Perfect for heavy gouging with 10 mm carbons.

Three wire modes (GMAW/FCAW/SAW)

for simplified setup and optimized arc performance.
• Solid and flux-cored wires with gas offer exceptional short-arc MIG precision to weld thin metals with less risk of distortion or burn-through, and premium flux-cored welding with gas.
• Flux-cored (self-shielded) welding performance is exceptional, especially with wires commonly found in infrastructure construction.
• Sub arc mode provides capability to retrofit into non-digital sub arc applications.

Excellent stick and Lift-Arc™ TIG performance.

Arc control

is active in the stick and solid-wire processes. It allows the operator to customize arc characteristics to match preference, electrode and joint design from a softer arc with more fluid puddle to a stiffer arc with an more controllable puddle.

Auxiliary power

20 amps of 120 V power to run power tools—like grinders, chop saws, drills and lights.

What’s included

Flux-cored (FCAW)
Submerged arc (SAW)
Stick (SMAW)
Air carbon arc (CAC-A)
cutting and gouging
Rated: 10 mm carbons


General specification
Title Dimension™ 650 CC/CV
Industries Interests Fabrication and construction
Heavy manufacturing
Pressure tank/vessel fabrication
Refineries and foundries
Railcar manufacturing
Earth-moving equipment manufacturing
Material Thickness
Weldable Metals Thin to thick,
All materials,
0,8-1.6 mm solid,
Cored wires
Input Voltage 380/460 V
Input Phase 3-phase power
Input Hz 50/60 Hz
Amperage Range 15–815 A in CC mode
10–44 V in CV mode
10–65 V in SAW mode
Current Type
Rated Output 650 A at 44 VDC, 100% duty cycle
Max Open Circuit Voltage 87 VDC
Weld Output CC/CV
Net Width 424 mm (16.687 in.)
Net Height 716 mm (28.187 in.) (including lift eye)
Net Length 803 mm (31.625 in.)
Net Weight 71.7 kg (158 lb.)
Warranty 3 Years
Miller’s True Blue Warranty